08 June 2007

Not Hello Kitty

Remember this adorable creature? Alas, kitty is moving away.

We try to avert our eyes as kitty's owners go to war with their landlord who is selling the house out from under them. Apparently the landlord is showing the house without bothering to get clearance from the people residing in it. Signs keep showing up (and disappearing) on the front door about knocking before entering. Strange, to say the least.

I'll certainly miss the cat who exhibited all the charming cat behavior one could ask for...

  1. shed everywhere,

  2. kill bunnies/birds/bugs/lizards and leave the bits,

  3. make sure you stay beyond arm's reach when someone is trying to pet you but jump in their lap when they're about to sip some wine.

Great stuff.

Heck of a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, though.

I hope kitty finds new neighbors with sour cream to share.

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