03 March 2008

"Trails & Traminettes"?

The weather was so nice this weekend (50s!) that we consulted our Day Hikes Near DC book. We took a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain (in Maryland) and hiked up to the top for a picnic. We took the quickest and steepest way up so we were a little huffy-puffy on the way up but we got there and we were glad we did. Gorgeous views, not at all represented by my limited photography skills, greeted us.

Trivia: Sugarloaf is a monadnock.

What we didn't know until we were in the general area of Sugarloaf Mountain was that the Sugarloaf Mountain Winery was right there, too! Although it's a young winery, it's already winning awards. The folks there are very friendly and we enjoyed the tasting on the way to the mountain enough to stop in to enjoy a glass on the way back from the mountain. Look for the tasting tent--it's small but very popular.

Which leads to my next million dollar idea: a guide book that provides listings for nearby hikes with wineries in close proximity. What better incentive to get healthy, than a nice glass of wine at the end of the trail? We tossed around a variety of titles for this pivotal tome (Hiking & Hoisting, Wilderness & Wine, etc.) and the one we liked the best was: Trails and Traminettes.

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