10 March 2008

An Open Letter to John Howard

To: John Howard, proprietor, The Redneck Shop, Laurens, SC

RE: Related story @ Redneck Shop

Mr. Howard:

After reading about your store which sells KKK robes and T-shirts emblazoned with racial slurs, I am writing to let you know that A) you are an embarrassment to this country and to white people everywhere, B) your store should be shut down immediately, and C) reading about you inspired me to give to the United Negro College Fund today, in an effort to bring about something positive from something so horribly evil. I hope others follow my example. And I hope it is YOU who receives a much needed education.

I look forward to the day when bigotry like yours is no longer tolerated by anyone.



aijuswanawrite said...

hadn't heard this story. i wanted to see what was going on for myself. but it fits that his kind of ignorance is the same kind of ignorance that doesn't know how to start/run a website. i.e., i don't think there's any status quo he's aware of, be it socio-political or technological.

lacochran said...

I saw it via Yahoo News yesterday. It was a "top story" briefly.