30 March 2008

Modern Marriage/Travel Deals

We are a modern couple. I am in the bedroom clacking on my laptop. Hubby is in the family room clacking on his laptop. Occasionally, we send each other a message. Ain't love grand? :)

Today we created a sharable Google calendar so we can both keep track of various plans as the year seems to be booking up quickly. My planner and his phone calendars simply aren't enough. Go figure. The nice thing about Google, besides the sharing aspect and the ease of set up, is that you can sync it with Outlook, which we both use at work.

Meanwhile, my surfing reveals that the travel industry is feeling the strain of the recession and the weak dollar. I am surprised at some of the deals I am seeing (pretty deep discounts) -- especially if you are willing to travel last minute or wait until after Summer which is prime family vacation time. It appears that a lot of resorts in desirable areas are offering better than usual deals. Makes me wonder where the bottom is.


DotMom said...

lol. sounds like us :) thanks for sharing the bit about google calender. I did not it could be synced with outlook.

lacochran said...

:) Glad to know we aren't the only ones. Thanks for your comment.