10 March 2008

Not Brushing Elbows

Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, and Danny Glover were all in DC this weekend. Despite going into the city Friday, I ran in to none of them. Go figure. Hmph.

Did get to see some very different art at the P&C Gallery in Tysons and had a very tasty, if somewhat noisy, dinner at Da Domenico. If you've never been, it's worth the trip to get yummy Italian and hear the a capella crooner.

Russell, Tom, Danny... next time, don't be a stranger! *insert hand gesture for 'call me' here*


Sarah E Moffett said...

Clearly their loss to miss out on your company. Da Domenico's is now on my list. Happy D.C. dining, give or take the water...

lacochran said...

Yeah! What she said! :)

I hope you like Da Domenico. It can be a little rough around the edged (crowded, sometimes you get smoke from the bar, etc.) but we've been delighted with the food and the heart that's evident.