23 July 2007

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Hello Faithful Reader,

I am happy to be back home and blogging again. Since my last post I have been in Savannah and Gray, Georgia, to a cousin's wedding in DC and then to Huntsville, AL.

I can heartily recommend Savannah as a way fun town--good food, good music, good drinks, lots to see and do, and we were lucky enough to have a crowd of 16 fun-loving folks from five states on the trip to share the joy.

Huntsville... well, I was there for work and I can definitively say that I am not a Huntsville kind of gal. Everybody was very nice to me there but there's just a whole different energy there. And I saw women that, I swear, looked like Peggy Hill. I know, I know, she's a Texan, but these people had the same look.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my travels from my handy-dandy Palm Zire because it lost power before I could back up the pictures. Sigh. It happens. I do get dependent on technology.

Meanwhile, the long days continue to be gloriously good for the soul. We took advantage of the good weather yesterday and went out to Indigo Landing, a lovely spot on the Potomac off the GW Parkway in Alexandria. We were somewhat transported back to Savannah because they serve "low country" cuisine there. Lovely to sit on the deck, sip drinks and nibble on the tasty food while watching the sailboats drift by.

I hope the summer is treating you well,

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