30 July 2007

Restaurant Review: Madigan's Waterfront

We had the pleasure of exploring old town Occoquan, VA, this Saturday--something we hadn't done in many moons. We were surprised at all the changes taking place in Occoquan (building high dollar condos on the riverfront, several businesses changing hands, etc.) Hopefully, the town will retain enough of its initial charm throughout all the changes.

While we were there we ate lunch at Madigan's Waterfront Restaurant at 201 Mill Street. It was a hot day but we still opted to eat outside, overlooking the river, where they were dredging. Romantic? Not really but it didn't smell like a river, so that's something. :) Plus we got to see geese and ducks.
Ambiance: I'd give it 22/30. It was pleasant and not as cheasy-looking as a lot of seafood places. The umbrellas kept the sun off and there was enough seating to have plenty of water-side tables.
Service: 28/30. We had a server who had a trainee with her. This can sometimes be a hassle for customers but this experience was delightful. The two of them played off each other and it was more like having two dedicated servers for the two of us. The primary server was knowledgeable about the menu and specials.
Food: 24/30. Everything was tasty, attractively presented and fresh. The menu had a huge variety of seafood options plus three additional daily specials. We had the fried clams appetizer which were larger, moister, lighter and less greasy than I'd expected. They were quite good but I would have preferred a little more flavoring--perhaps a touch of cayenne or even black pepper. Hubby had the tortilla tilapia (excellent) and I had the Cajun mahi-mahi (good.) Both came with fresh salad and a couple of sides. Hubby had a wheat beer which hit the spot on a hot day. I had their white flight of wine. It was strange in that they brought me three white wines with a place mat that explained what each one was but the wines didn't seem to relate to each other in any way (a Riesling, a Pinot Grigio, and a Chardonnay from different wineries/regions.) They were all all right but I got the feeling the restaurant was offering a flight because it was a way to sell more wine, rather than because someone had put together intriguing combinations.
Vegetarian Options: 5/30. Very limited. Pasta. Vegetable plate. That sort of thing.
Cost: 20/30. Not as outrageous as some but not a "cheap eats" either.
Extras: Plenty of on-street parking and (at least the promise of) a tiki bar. (+2)
Overall: 20/30. It's a nice spot for a huge variety of well-prepared seafood.

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