26 July 2007

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand--A. Lincoln

I did not vote for the current president. This is no secret. I believe there is a good argument for impeachment at this point and even convening a war crimes tribunal.

Having said that, I have to step back and look at how we must look to the world at large. I mean aside from the atrocities that are in the headlines every day (including both the Iraq stories, the Gonzales-style stories, and even the Hollywood atrocities that are Lohan and Hilton.)

No, what I mean is: Every 4 years we vote for President. Well, some of us vote and some of us don't even know or care who's running. But we elect a president--even though the country is pretty evenly divided between rabid left-wingers and rabid right-wingers. And so whichever side wins the election immediately has to contend with the other disgruntled side.

Both sides spin and smear. Both sides go for the jugular. And both sides have at least been threatened with impeachment. I do not hold better hope for the 2008 president.

To the outside world we must look insane or idiotic or both. That's sure how it looks from the inside. Maybe Lincoln was right: A house divided against itself cannot stand. Maybe it's time to reassess what America is and should be all about. Let's hope we have less bloodshed this time around than we did with the civil war.

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