31 July 2007

The Sunday Night Club

As the Boomtown Rats so eloquently put it "Tell me why I don't like Mondays". We know why. Another week back at the grind. The weekend is over. The stress begins anew.

This is why Sunday night should be the best time for stores, for restaurants, for everybody. Not S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y--Saturday! No, Sunday! Nobody wants to end the weekend. Everybody's working for the weekend... and when it draws to a close, it sucks. Nobody wants to face it. This is when we want to get this party started!

Hence I propose the Sunday Night Club. There should be all kinds of activities for Sunday night for people in denial about Monday. Bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, meditation halls, they should all be open late Sunday night. There should be Sunday night concerts. Because I want to rock and roll all night (and party every day.)

I just think this town is missing a billion dollar opportunity. It's not like we have blue laws here anymore. Everything's open on Sunday anyway but the sidewalks tend to roll up around 5 or 6. Huge mistake. Somebody could be making a fortune helping us extend the weekend groove.

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