30 January 2007

The Science of Buzz in the Blogosphere and the Unbearable Lightness of K-Fed

In a Yahoo news story about the Nationwide K-Fed commercial, I came across the following sentence:

Indeed, media research firm Nielsen BuzzMetrics recently
found that the ad represented about one-quarter of all blog conversations
related to Super Bowl advertising -- more than any other subject.
Now I'm not surprised at the fact, except that I would have guessed it would be a higher stat than 1/4. I am interested in the fact that Nielsen is now evaluating Buzz by content checks on blogs. Huh. I guess I am in some sense what they used to call a "Nielsen family" by the very fact that I have a blog and Technorati, among other places, logs it. I took a look at Nielsen BuzzMetrics and found... more blogs, what else?! Blogs on word-of-mouth advertising, summary of what's creating buzz in the blogosphere, etc.
I guess I've just upped K-Fed's buzz count, too. I'm assuming his buzz is about to become a fizzle... then maybe a fttt... and then maybe the sound of a cricket off in the distance... getting squashed by someone wearing a very soft moccasin.

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