11 January 2007

"I thank the lord for the people I have found"--Elton John/Bernie Taupin

Today was the retirement party for my first boss in this part of the organization.

Jim brought me in 11 years ago, mentored me and consistently looked out for my professional development. This wasn't because I was special--he did this for everyone--this was because of the person he was and is. Yes, it's supposed to be what a boss does but so few do it properly and consistently. Jim brought tremendous integrity to everything he did and, as such, became a model for many people in the organization.

But enough of talking about him in the past. Happily this isn't a eulogy.

He's a relatively young man (in his 50s) and he's decided to move into the next phase of his life. His kids are young and he's happy he can spend more time with his family now plus he wants to reinvigorate an old passion, stained glass, into a business.

It's strange to think about coming to work and not seeing Jim but the reality is that Jim has touched so many lives and developed so many important initiatives that everywhere I look, he's there in one form or another.

I wish him the best. Nobody's more deserving of a happy retirement!

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