17 July 2006

"World Trade Center" movie/Only in America would we be so insensitive

Where else but in America would we take a horrendous tragedy and turn it into "entertainment"?

This morning I saw an ad for "World Trade Center". Perhaps it was a minute that the movie trailer played. In that brief time, I flashed back on that horrible time and all the terror and sadness that went with it.

No doubt, the producers would say that the film is already doing its job if I remembered 9-11. I hadn't ever forgotten 9-11. Reliving the trauma with visual cues certainly won't help in any way that I can see. It's much like raising the alert level without providing information on how to respond differently. What is the value of reliving trauma if you feel powerless to change it?

I was lucky--I lost no one I knew in 9-11. I can only imagine the pain that family members must endure on a daily basis without this crass, disgusting attempt to capitalize off this disaster in our country's very recent history.

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Anonymous said...

Only in america could people complain about a movie making money after the war profiteering and american lives lost that has taken place under the current administration. The numbers $$$ aren't even comparable.