10 July 2006

What was once innocuous is now a full-fledged syndrome

Have you noticed that what was once an innocuous part of life is now a full-fledged syndrome? It seems I hear more and more TV and radio commericials claiming that you (or I) may have a newly named disease. They go sort of like this:

"Do you sometimes smile? Ever raise an eyebrow? Have days when you seem to breathe more than other days? Notice your eyes closing as you drift off to sleep? If you answered yes to at least one of these, you could be suffering from a recently diagnosed condition called 'smilebrowbreatherdrift syndrome', or SBBDS. The cause of SBBDS is not known but thanks to advanced research, DowGlaxo has developed a new approach to minimizing the debillitating impact of SBBDS, it's a twice daily medicine called Calmex. You don't have to suffer from SBBDS any longer. Call your doctor NOW and ask him about Calmex."

And before you can even fully parse the ridiculousness of what you've heard, some part of your brain is saying, 'Gee, I HAVE noticed my eyes closing as I drift off to sleep...should I be concerned?!'

Fear mongerers. Foy!

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