31 July 2006

Movie Logic (much like Cartoon Logic)

Okay, let's assume that one could dodge a bullet by doing a backflip. You see it all the time in action movies. Instead of just, say, a "drop and roll" evasive maneuver, the hero or heroine goes into a backflip. Or leaps over the bullet in a slow motion front flip. I could maybe accept this. But what grates my cheese is it's never one flip. It's always a series. Three or four flips. During which time, said action hero/heroine couldn't possibly have a good scope on where the bad guy/gal is. Sure they're moving and a body in motion is harder to hit. But it's gotta take the wind out of them just when they ought to be conserving their energy.

Just keep repeating, LA, "It's only a movie."

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