24 July 2006

Restaurant Review: The Bombay Club, Washington, DC

Had the wonderful experience of Sunday brunch at The Bombay Club in Washington.

Ambiance: Gloriously elegant without being stuffy (no dress code). From the gorgeous appointments (potted palms, beautiful place settings, silver tureens) to the pianist playing familiar tunes at a level that still allows conversation, you "sit nice", as my cousin would say. Very nice, indeed. (Check out there website: http://www.bombayclubdc.com/ for good photos of the space.) 29.

Service: Excellent! We were warmly welcomed when we arrived and the service stayed impeccable despite the fact that this was a buffet. We were immediately brought the (included and tasty) champagne as well as hot naan. Friendly and attentive service without being intrusive. 29.

Vegetarian Options: Enough to choose from on the buffet. Of the seven or eight main dishes to partake of, four or five were vegetarian. Plus they had a lovely field greens and veggies salad, fruit salad, raita, and rice pudding. 25.

Food: The food was consistently good if not the layers of seasoning flavor one might crave. There was a small amount of heat, no doubt toned down for American palates. The seasoned eggs and the dal were both quite tasty while the potato/peas dish and the spinach/cheese dish were good but pretty standard. 24.

Cost: The all-you-can-eat buffet with champagne and naan and parking (see below) was $20 per person. That may well be the best deal in town! 29

Additional Plusses: Complementary valet parking included with brunch! No little thing in DC! +1

Overall Score: 28.

My opinion. Mine alone.

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