06 February 2010

"I'm snowblind... can't live without you..." --Styx

[A little bit of shoveling midway through the storm.]

"I love this!"

"It sucks!"

"You'll grow to love winter yet."

*snort* "Sorry, honey, that's not happening."

"Isn't it gorgeous?"

"No, it's not gorgeous. It's a pain in the ass!"

"So, we do a little shoveling. It's a good workout."

"A little shoveling??"

"Okay, a lot of shoveling. It's a winter wonderland!"

"The only wonder is that people live here."

"Jeez Louise. We have power. We have food. We have drink. We have a fireplace. We have each other!"

"We could have all that without two feet of snow!"

"People spend a lot of money to be in this kind of snow."

"People are idiots."

"I find it romantic."


*pulls him by shirt front* "Yes."

"Maybe it's not so bad."

Question du jour: Is snow romantic?

Bonus question du jour: Does anyone do snow angels more than once?


Maya said...

Q1: It was damn romantic today. And that's all I'm sayin'.
Q2: Yes.

AbbotOfUnreason said...


Rahree said...

yes and yes! having this much snow (and power - i'd be grumpy without electricity) is a cosmic gift. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the snow is absolutely romantic... until it turns to slush. And yes, snow angels should be made as often as possible, particularly with that much snow!

Cyndy said...


Mac and Cheese said...

It was romantic when I could watch it fall from the childless comfort of our old condo.

Not so much now that I have to stand in the yard while my four year old throws it in my face.

Kate said...


Kate said...

Oh. And DUH! Snow angels EVERYTIME IT SNOWS! I can't stop shouting. Sorry.

Bilbo said...

Snow is NOT romantic, unless you use it as an excuse for romantic trysts with your chiropractor or the guy who fixes your hernias.

vw: snerial - a TV miniseries about snow.

Mike said...

Yes, your snow is very romantic.

No, and I couldn't anyway. I don't have enough snow here ..... BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Dmbosstone said...

Ask me again in 9 months when all the babies are born.

Lemon Gloria said...

In theory, yes. It's so pretty in the beginning. In practice, it's cold, soggy, slippery, and annoying. In my opinion.

Rose said...




lbluca77 said...

I don't do snow angels, but that is only because we don't have snow. Dirt angels so not the same thing.

Vittoria said...

OUI! and oui. when i was little i liked to make snow angel chains by getting up in my first snow angel, trodding carefully through the already pressed down snow, and then lying down sloooooooowly with my hand in the same place it was when i got up.

it sounds complicated, but i'd still do it now if i weighed what i did when i was 10.

Reya Mellicker said...

I don't know about snow and romance, but I love your marriage. You two!! It's SO right. Like the Thin Man movies, you really are. Bravo!!

Barbara said...

Snow is romantic only if you have plenty to eat and drink, you have power, and you don't have to go anywhere at all. The lack of power can actually be sort of romantic because you really have to stick together to stay warm. (I have recent personal experience on this.)

The Chauffeur said...

snow sucks. styx does not. +1 for the headline.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Snow angels multiple times.

Snow is romantic while falling at night. Once you have to shovel or see the slush, it's a PIA.

Sorry, you'll be getting another 2 feet tonight.

LiLu said...


And? I think it multiplies if you have no cars and nothing to shovel.


Pauline said...

Is snow romantic? Hell no!!
The only people who think that snow is "romantic" are those who obviously don't get enough of it in their area.

After the third month of the stuff, you are ready to kill someone, not make love.

Summer+cocktails+hot sun+lake=romance!

Kate said...

It might be ... if it didn't happen so damn much. If I didn't have to dig my car out from under it. If other people could drive in it. If it would shovel itself out of my driveway.

Titania said...

I think someone decided and sold the idea that snow is romantic, just because it is pretty. Truth to be told, i think it is kind of a pretty serious pain: cold, slippery, heavy and dangerous. I still wonder how a place like Wisconsin was ever colonized (I lived there 6 years)
And, I have never done a snow angel.

spleeness said...

haha, that's so cute!

Wasn't in the mood for snow angels this year, although D did one. Only once! lol

That picture is insane! I've been away from DC (in NYC) for a few days and have almost forgotten what it looks like.

brad said...

The snow would've been welcome even if it wasn't romantic. I just loved remembering that there are four, separate seasons. DC's normally just-really-long Falls never seem natural.

Mike said...

So did you get stuck outside in the snow or did you leave for the Bahamas again?

lacochran said...

Maya: Q1: Nuff said. :) Q2: Huh.

AbbotofUnreason, Cyndy: Right you are!

Rahree: You said it, Sister!

emmajames: Slush holds a lot less appeal, unless it's in a daiquiri.

Mac and Cheese: Can you throw it back, at least?


Bilbo: Chiropractor? I never figured you'd be addicted to the crack.

Mike: *My* snow? I feel so empowered.

Dmbosstone: *makes note in Google calendar*

Lemon Gloria: Don't forget nasty-looking when it gets dirt/exhaust covered.

Rose: Way to commit.

lbluca77: I'll be building dirtmen is different, too.

Vittoria: A snow hands-across-America, huh?

Reya Mellicker: Oh, too live up to our blog image. ;)

Barbara: So glad you made it through!

The Chauffeur: Gee, um, thanks.

Little Ms Blogger: Only got another foot. Yeah, I said only.


Pauline: I respectfully disagree. Although, I like your recipe, too!

Kate: They ought to put a snow-shoveling simulator in the gyms--great exercise. You know, if you don't have a heart attack.

Titania: That someone is me.

spleeness: And that was only *half-way* through the *first* of two storms.

brad: It's not dull here this year. :)

Mike: Thanks for the prodding. Just not rich in material at the moment, but the local cab company came through for me last night.
They're so thoughtful when it comes to my blog.

Toe said...

Snow is never romantic. That's just talk from people that don't live in it. Like when they say California is always sunny they lie, lie, lie!

I make snow angels all the time. Usually after I've slipped on the stupid snow/ice and am trying to right myself.