18 February 2010

"Don't know why" --Norah Jones

Lots of bloggy friends get invited to try products for free and review them. Me? Not so much. I guess I'll have to keep buying products and reviewing them on my own until someone notices my superior marketing skills.

Why, here's a product review of sorts/re-enactment of a true conversation.* See if it makes you want to try one...

Me: I tried one of those FullBars today.

Hubby: A what?

Me: You know, I bought those bars that you're supposed to eat an hour before a meal. You eat it and drink water and it's supposed to make you feel full so you eat less.

Hubby: Oh, right. How was it?

Me: Well... it was different.

Hubby: Different?

Me, considering: The taste was kinda funny and the smell was sort of... off-putting... and the texture, gad, the texture was so chewy and dense and sort of sticky that by the end of it--

Hubby: Wait a minute. It tasted funny and the smell was off-putting and you ate it anyway?

Me: Sure! I'm nothing if not committed... or should be committed... or something.

Hubby: So, you finished it...

Me: Yeah. And it sat like a brick in my stomach. Bleah. I can understand why you'd never want to eat again.

Hubby: So, it works!

Me: Well, I'll never eat another one of those, again. So, um, yeah, I guess you could say it, um--no. Just, no.

* Speaking of re-enactments and such, in commercials, when they show a cartoon diagram of some change, do they really need the word "simulation" on it?


froggy said...

hmmm. You may not be giving the glowing review they are looking for...
I will test drive books, coffee and chocolate if anyone is interested.

Kate said...

I love his conclusion.

So, it works!

Liebchen said...

I've had bars like that and completely understand the "brick in the stomach" feeling. However, they kind of backfire on me because after something that bad, I want to eat something I actually like. So...not really curbing the appetite.

Drama Queen said...

Ewww. :)

I want to review chocolate - but to be honest, I would love it all so it wouldn't be a very fair review. But I'd sure have fun trying it all. :)

spleeness said...

Just picturing the dense syrupy texture is enough to quell dinner hunger pangs a bit!

blueviolet said...

Now that's a review I can get behind. You saved us all some money!

Barbara said...

A lot of bars strike me that way. Unless they have something in them I shouldn't be eating, like peanut butter or chocolate, I'd rather not waste my time, money, and calories on them!

repliderium.com said...

I'm totally trying one now.
I have to.

Mike said...

Thanks for testing that for me. I think I need a big mac.

Herb of DC said...

I hear that a brick in the stomach is the new 6 pack.

Toe said...

Cool. I wanted to know if the full bar worked or not. Thanks for the informative review. So will there be a follow up? Like the consequence of eating the full bar, what goes in doesn't come out?

LiLu said...

Not only do they need the "simulation" tag, they also should probably also mention that the cartoon people had stuntmen, and you should not attempt this at home.

Mac and Cheese said...

Gee, I can't believe you don't get asked to do more reviews.

brad said...

I've never been asked to review anything, either. So I feel a bit better now.

But I'm with you: "filling" and "disgusting" are totally different reasons for not wanting to eat more.

lacochran said...

froggy: *blink*

Kate: :)

Liebchen: You're so right.

Drama Queen: I'm pro-fun.

spleeness: Don't forget the sponginess.

blueviolet: I live to serve.

Barbara: I've certainly tasted much better.

repliderium.com: I'm influential!

Mike: The chicken nuggets are the food of Olympians!

Herb of DC: Yes! *pumps fist*

Toe: Be careful what you ask for...

LiLu: :)

Mac and Cheese: It's weird, right?

brad: ExACTly.