27 October 2009

Five reasons it's better to be at work than on vacation

[The new roomier economy class seats.]

¡Hola, monos descarados!

We are back from Cozumel and I am once again back in the work-a-day world. What a relief! I thought that vacation would never end. Sheesh.

The five reasons it's better to be at work than on vacation:

1. I don't have to struggle to decide which blender drink to order next. So taxing.

2. No panicking over where I put my passport. Or my immigration form, which, technically, they tell you upon entering Mexico you'll need in order to leave the country and I, um, managed to not have on hand when it was time to leave the country. Oh, I knew it was somewhere. In the sense that everything is somewhere. I apologized. In Spanish, even. For some reason that was not sufficient. I offered to just stay in Mexico. But, no. So, what happened? I filled out a different form and paid a visit to an immigration official and we were off. No bribes. No sexual favors. In all honesty, I don't think the Mexican government gives a damn about the quality of my blog posts. Bastards.

3. No sand in unexpected places. Nuff said.

4. When I say "That's a
lot of information" I mean it, as opposed to just being snarky about someone wearing an ill-fitting swimsuit. We saw a lot of body love there. A lot. Healthy, right? So what if you're a size 24? You want to rock a size 6 bikini, you go right ahead.

5. I can really focus my mind on the important things without distractions. The most important thing? Planning the next vacation.


Lemmonex said...

I don't know what this says about me but for a good minute I thought that guy in the photo was crawling out of a tanning bed.

Also, welcome back!

Kate said...

I love my body. But only at my friend Joan's farm where the chickens and her three year old are the only ones that see my fat blobs.

Titania said...

(1) I feel sorry for you already
(2) Agreed
(3) REALLY agreed, that sand in my ears....
(4) ARRGH, that image got burned in my brain and I won't be able to sleep in three days
(5) Oh, yeah

Welcome back.. I bet the best of being back is leaving that awful beach weather to come back to the rainy days of DC :-)

Alice said...

i remain unconvinced. perhaps you should send me to mexico, so i can understand just how awful it is there?

Tina said...

I'm with Alice-

In fact i thik we needa six month several million dollar committee (What this is DC think)
sent to study the location - I choose the Cozumel assignment- I am, after all, closer to Cozumel than your readers from DC who could just stay where they are. Its important we minimize the total expenses right?

Liebchen said...

I hear you on choosing your drinks. So many options! Life's just so tough...

The Bug said...

Glad you're back! (insert muttered expletive here about how it's not fair that you actually got to GO somewhere!)

liferehab said...

I'm heading off on a cruise in 3 weeks and I'm terrified I'm going to lose my passport and end up stuck in guantanamo bay or something.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I read your blog title and thought is she happy to come back to work because there was no crack available while on vacation or you really missed banging your head on your desk.

Good to hear the vacation bliss has not yet disappeared.

Mike said...

#4 - Go to peopleofwalmart.com . You'll find out where those people hang out when they come back home.

restaurant refugee said...

Along with Alice, I am unconvinced and contend that an exploratory junket should be planned to confirm or refute the veracity of these contentions.

Barbara said...

Once you get a taste of what's out there in the world beyond here, it's hard to stay home for too long. Where's the next junket... er trip?

f.B said...

I got a "that's a lot of information" email at work today. It was something cryptic about skipping lunch to get a waxing. I have never prayed for unspoken words to be about eyebrows like I did today.

lbluca77 said...

Being that I live at the beach I so know what you mean about sand in those unexpected places. Ouch!

Bilbo said...

#5 - Bilbo's First Law of Epidermal Exposure: 99% of people who go to topless beaches, shouldn't. Part 2: 99% of people who wear overly revealing bathing suits, shouldn't.

vw: endidigm - the final paradigm.

lacochran said...

Lemmonex: *squinting* I can see that. And thanks.

Kate: God bless our fat blobs.

Titania: Yeah, sunny and 80s for this... sigh...

Alice, Tina, restaurant refugee: Blogger Tropical Getaway? Who's in?

Liebchen: Lime daiquiri or dirty monkey? It's not as straightforward as you might think.

The Bug: So, GO! You won't regret it. Amazing deals right now.

liferehab: At least it's sunny and warm. :) Have fun!

Little Ms Blogger: I'm clinging to it tightly.

Mike: Not pretty, is it.

Barbara: Such a big world... so many enticing possibilities!

f.B: You get those emails at work? Wow.

lbluca77: Beach hazard numero uno.

Bilbo: I'll second that emotion.

[F]oxymoron said...

So, so true about point number 3 - Sand is the devil!