28 October 2009

"I got a rock" --C. Brown

So, all right, it's Wednesday. I have five meetings today. And those are just the planned ones. But, you know, I'll be in those meetings thinking of you. Totally you, my cheeky monkey. Because, let's face it, I'm not going to think about work no matter what they tell me and I can only think of jewelry for so long before I start to drool, and that's really bad form.

Anyway, I'm gonna get all metaphysical on you today. Because I've noticed a theme in the universe of late and who am I to ignore a theme? Yeah, in a book I read last week and the television show I saw last night (don't judge), there was a theme: that you always have a choice. That no matter how terrible your life may be, you still can choose a good path within the choices you have.

Question of the day: Do you believe you mostly have control in your life? Or that life is just something that happens to you? Discuss.

AlternateHeyLALightenTheHeckUpQuestion: Will there ever be as good an animated holiday special as the Charlie Brown specials? Discuss.

And, finally, is it wrong that I really do dance like a Charlie Brown character?


LiLu said...

Better a Charlie Brown character than Elaine, like me...

Liebchen said...

To go the metaphysical route, I think you have control up to a certain point. But you have to know when to let go.

And no. There will never be an animated holiday special as good as the Charlie Brown ones. I think the muppets are the only ones who come close.

Rose said...

That's strange. This question has been popping up in my life too. Along with, "do you make things happen or do things happen to you?"

I don't know how much control we have or don't. I want to think we make choices based on free will, but I'm never quite sure.

I guess my answer is a big fat I don't know, which is easy.

Mike said...

"I have five meetings today."


frogponder said...

This is interesting... I'm reading a book put out by our state education association about teaching children of trauma. Definitely a group that sees limited choices and exercises what little choice they have by acting out, or shutting down, in class. I have to stop once and a while and get rid of the anger I feel at the parents/situation that put them in this place.

The Bug said...

I think I have the ABILITY to make choices, but so often I just roll with the tide. I need to get better at making deliberate decisions & sticking to my guns. We'll see how that goes!

I love the Charlie Brown specials, but I also love Claymation Christmas & Olive the Other Reindeer...

At least you're dancing! We won't talk about my total lack of rhythm... I just keep singing when they start clapping at church - I know better than to try to clap myself!

My word verif. is "horing." Should I be offended? I never made any MONEY...

Alice said...

a) i definitely think we always have a choice.

b) i like the old school mickey & friends holiday specials too, like a christmas carol..

c) no.

Jamie said...

If you think you don't have control over your life, then you are an apologist for yourself.

Sure, everyone has things that are not in their control happen to them just about every day, but it is your own free will to choose what you do next. I am not saying life is fair, at all. It is not. But with the exception of extreme events that actually end your life, you always have a choice. There are endless examples of people who have overcome great adversity to succeed, and likewise of people who have had nothing but opportunity and achieve nothing.

f.B said...

the Charlie Brown specials are so good they're untouchable. but not like The Untouchables. there was less violence.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Do you believe you mostly have control in your life? Or that life is just something that happens to you? Discuss.

I believe you can make or not make choices in life. Even if you have something happen to you which is out of your control, you can choose how you handle the situation.

I love Charlie Brown specials, but don't forget about Max and the Grinch (I just wish it wasn't over played).

Gilahi said...

I choose to believe that I don't have a choice.

And anything's better than It's A Wonderful Life.

Tina said...

I'm with Little Ms Blogger - even when "things" just happen to you - you stil have a choice of how you react to them. I also believe totally random happenings are more rare than people like to admit - you create a lot of what happens to you by the choices you make or those you refuse to make / drift through.

Dmbosstone said...

I really hope you dance like this.

Maya said...

These last three posts cracked me up. Seriously. The rock. The dancing. The vaca. Hah!

BTW: WV is cocurin. A mispelling perhaps?

Sean said...

This is way too deep, so I'll stick with Charlie Brown. The Peanuts holiday specials are clearly the best. However, I could see Pixar putting together something that is equally as good someday.

Barbara said...

I think we have a lot of power to move our lives in a particular direction. We sometimes choose just to coast and take what is handed to us, but the opportunity is usually there to change course if we so choose. This would say I don't believe in predestination. Good question!

Herb of DC said...

Two out of the last three posts have involved rocks. Fortunately I took Geology 101 "Rocks for Jocks" at Indiana State University, Evansville in 19XX. We are so in tune now.

Erin said...

I don't know about choice, but do I detect a lurking Biggest Loser fan?

Two notes about dancing:
I went to Cadillac Ranch, a new restaurant/club in the new area of National Harbor, and it was great fun.

There, I finally learned what to do in the "Charlie Brown" section of the Cha Cha slide. I also learned that they won't play Chris Brown there -- not even the Forever "wedding dance" song -- because of Rihanna. Noble, I think.*

I also tried to ride the mechanical bull, but you didn't ask about that...

* do I get extra comment credit for tying in TWO germane C. Brown references? Not as easy as it looks!

lacochran said...

LiLu: Sweet fancy Moses!

Liebchen: Ooo, muppets! Good call. But do they do holidays?

Rose: Thanks for weighing in, even indecisively! The theme continues... I heard a book tour interview with Jeni Stepanek this morning. Mattie told her "Don't lie down in the ashes of my life." Freaky.

Mike: Not unusual for a Wednesday. See what you're missing?

frogponder: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." Thank you for going the extra mile.

The Bug: Doesn't gospel traditionally clap on the *off* beat? It's confusing.

Alice: Thanks for weighing in.

Jamie: The spectrum of people and possibilities is amazing, it's true.

f.B: He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! *That's* the *Chicago* way! I really liked that movie, despite the violence.

Little Ms Blogger: The Grinch scares me. He's drawn so mean by Chuck Jones that it makes me cringe.

Gilahi: Touche'!

And, come on--Zuzu's petals!! Jimmy Stewart is a national treasure.

Tina: Good point--even not deciding is a decision.

Dmbosstone: I don't want to get your hopes up--I haven't mastered the Snoopy dance, I just do the Shermy shuffle.

Maya: Glad you're amused. :) And wv knows all.

Sean: I watched something from Pixar (I believe) last night and couldn't stand more than a few minutes. It was no Luxo Jr., that's for sure.

Barbara: Good answer! :)

Herb of DC: Congratulations! You said the secret word!

Erin: Not lurking--unabashed and unapologetic. BL RULES!! You absolutely get extra comment credit! Sounds like you have some interesting blog fogger to write up.

Titania said...

It's a convex combination!! Ok, been in the office too long, talking nonsense, need to go home now....