28 April 2008

Questions on this, that and the other

On Saturday, I discovered that the Springfield Borders has Frasier seasons 3, 7 and 9 under lock and key with the box sets, even though the other seasons are out flaunting their freedom on the standard DVD shelf. My questions: Why the heck does Borders lock up some seasons and not others? What is the advantage of storing different but sequential items in two different locations? I have for months assumed that they were simply sold out of season 3. It's just a toss of the coin that I asked the information flunky if a nearby store had season 3. That's when he checked the shelf I'd checked and then checked the box set cabinet and, lo and behold, there it was. I sprung season 3 and seasons 7 & 9 were cheering for it, even as they got locked in again.

My scale says one weight. Hubby's scale has me up 3.5 pounds from that. Doctor's scale has me up another 2.5 pounds from that. There's a way to synchronize your clock with the official time. My questions: Why isn't there a way to synchronize your scale? And am I the only one who tries to weigh myself on the scale in the store before I buy it? I bet I have the best selling scale.

Two commercials I love to hate:

  • The FreeCreditReport.com commercials. Oh the jingle is catchy and the message--known your credit standing--is a good one. My question: Is there anyone left on the planet who doesn't know they are entitled to a free credit report without going through these shmoes and signing up/paying for their program?
  • The new Volkswagen commercial where the new owner keeps pressing a remote alarm every time a young couple gets near the car. My question: Is Volkswagen's targeted demographic assholes??


DotMom said...

exactly what I was thinking when I saw the VW ad!

lacochran said...

I guess we're not the target demographic! :) Thanks for stopping by...