27 April 2008

The beautiful and multi-talented Jane Seymour

We went to the P&C Gallery in Old Town Friday night for an art opening for, and featuring none other than, Jane Seymour. As there was a large sign demanding no photography, I do not have a picture of Ms. Seymour but I did snap a picture through the window of this self-portrait once we left.

It was cool. We were on P&C's mailing list and hubby made a reservation so we were very Studio 54 when they asked at the door if we were on the list. How rarely are we on any list! Any good list, anyway. Happily, they had a record of the reservation and we breezed in while others stood and gawked from outside.

Seymour is quite beautiful and certainly looks considerably younger than her age (57). She's also more petite than she looks on television. And, oh the talent. In addition to acting, she's an accomplished artist in many different styles and media. It looked like a show of five or six different artists but, as she assured hubby, they were all hers. Of the paintings, I liked the oil seascapes the best. In addition to the paintings, she had painted scarves available, too, and there were two books she'd authored that were for sale and even a pamphlet about the jewelry she's designed for Kay Jewelers. Pretty freakin' impressive.


lacochran said...

Thanks for the link at DQ Times:

That's twice I've been quoted/referenced in two weeks. How nice!

Bilbo said...

I have been in love with Jane Seymour for many years, and was thrilled to see her on "Dancing with the Stars" last season. She is the very definition of "classy lady."

lacochran said...

Absolutely! Grace personified!

Dezel said...

I must be following you guys - I went walking around Old Town Saturday and then to my little favorite southern spot - Southside 815, and saw this beautiful picture in the window of the art shop. Nice shot!

lacochran said...

Huh! We must have passed right by each other! It was a great night for walking around.