15 January 2008

Restaurant Review: Stardust

We went to the Stardust Restaurant and Lounge in Alexandria for dinner about a month ago. I am just getting a chance to review it so the details are a little fuzzy but I didn't want to pass on mentioning this unusual place.

Ambiance: Several rooms, including several fireside dining options. Mannequins. Yeah, its true. But what's really unusual is that the owner has collected all kinds of things from years gone by and has them on display. In the room we were in, there were probably seven vintage electric fans, vintage metal bread boxes, vintage lamps, a dozen vintage coffee percolators and so on. If you are of a certain age, it will provide ready conversation... "We had one that looked just like that when I was little!" Plus the standard low lighting and white tablecloths. 28/30.

Service: Very good. Knowledgeable. Efficient. 25/30.

Food: Imagine an intersection of Thai, comfort, and quirky. Unusual combinations that work. For example I had the salmon in lemon dill sauce. It was layered over macaroni lasagna. That was layered over spinach. Quite good! The chef is talented. 25/30.

Vegetarian: Three entrees that are vegetarian including one that looked to be vegan. 20/30.

Cost: Not cheap but not ridiculous, either. 18/30.

Bonus: On street parking and great drink options with fun names. I tried the "You look soooo familiar..." which was a mix of vodka, parna, grand marnier and pomegranate juice and came with a take home, plastic charm hanging onto the glass. +4.

Overall: 27/30. Check out this funky, one-of-a-kind neighborhood place!


Anonymous said...

Fun! Sounds like a place I'd like to try just based on the kitsch factor alone... mannequins, fans, funny drink names... that kind of personality wins out over any chain restaurant choice for sure!

lacochran said...

Thanks for your comment and I agree!

I love your movie quotes on your page... particularly the Lost in Translation one. I liked that film because it embodied what it was trying to get across.