18 January 2008

Live to Work? No. Work to Live.


It's been one of those weeks with periods of light and relatively unimportant work interspersed with intense periods of urgent and critical work. Job security is nice but I don't need to be THAT needed.

With any luck, I can put to bed a project that is consuming large chunks of brain and heart by the end of this month. Then, maybe, I can focus on the more important things in life... you know, like blogging. ;) I've been lucky in that this project required a team effort and this is one of those rare teams where we all wound up respecting and hearing each other all the way through the process and everybody pitched in! How rare and nice is that?! It was still buckets full of work and our interactions weren't perfect but at least I didn't wind up ticked off at anybody. How great when everybody works to the same standard and is pleasant and thoughtful! Yowza!

Happy loooooooooooong weekend to all!

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