11 January 2008

A Few Days in Nashville

I spent a few days at a conference in downtown Nashville.

The people: friendly.

The food: ranged from okay to pretty good and was generally more reasonably priced than DC. Got to try a few clubs where people came more for the music than the food and they offered standard pub grub. Plus, we got to The Spaghetti Factory which had reasonably good food (not great) but was an amazing space! Also got to Virago which was a hip sushi bar and lounge.

The pace: slower than DC.

The architecture: a funky mix.

The music: lots of live country!

We stayed very close to Broadway, which is Nashville's strip of dozens of clubs that have live music every night. Almost all of it is country or western or bluegrass or such. I went by a few of these but actually went to hear a live blues band at BB King's. Quite good!

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Dezel said...

Hello Friend,

Hope all is great in 08 for you. I love that first picture. I’m not much of a country fan, but I sure do like Willie and Johnny, and their side by side on that guitar. Actually, I like the Highway men, but I do not think Kris made it on the guitar.

Happy Sipping!