19 October 2007

The Lack of Correlation Between Genius and Hygiene

Okay, my sample size was too small to identify a correlation or lack there of but...

Yesterday I am sitting in a meeting listening to a series of briefings. At one point, a particular expert gets up and is interrupted by his boss who congratulates him on his promotion to the highest rank possible without going into a management position. The crowd erupts in applause and there is general agreement that this guy is world-class, tops in his field, mighty dang impressive. He does his presentation and, then, because the next speaker asks him to stay, finds the only available seat: next to me.

The guy smelled. Literally smelled. Enough for me to put my hand up to my nose to try to block the aroma. At one point he stood up for some reason that I can't remember because all I could think was "Foy! This guy smells. Maybe he's leaving!" and then he sat down again and my nose was freshly assaulted. I thought "Maybe he had to run over to the meeting to make it in time because he's so much in demand" but I looked at him and he didn't look sweaty; no pit stains or wrinkles or anything. It was like he just hadn't gotten around to showering for a while. Maybe he was too busy solving the mysteries of the universe. Made me wonder if he always smelled like that and if hygiene was not a requirement for promotion in his field.

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