30 October 2007

In-flight Entertainment

I fly Frontier Airlines to Denver yesterday for business. I am hopeful when I see by the gate that Frontier has a bin of plastic packets with earphones and they are labeled free. I take a pair and head onto the plane. Turns out the earphones are free. The entertainment is not. I can spend $5 to watch reruns of Lucy and the Simpsons or $8 to watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Really? Can I?? Only $8 for a system that's going to cut out when we hit an air pocket? What a bargain. I pull my book out and settle in.

To their credit, Frontier Airlines had magazines in their magazines bin. When was the last time you saw magazines on a plane (aside from their own in-flight mag)?

Happily, the flight was what you'd want it to be--safe, smooth, uneventful and on time.

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