15 October 2007

Huh! Willard Luxury Hotel is Wind Powered

The Wind In The Willard -- The Willard InterContinental, Washington's historic luxury hotel, is now powered by 100% wind energy. Pepco Energy Services supplies the 332-room landmark hotel with 100% wind renewable energy credits, making the Willard the first urban luxury hotel in the United States to be fully supported in this sustainable manner.

Electricity produced from renewable resources reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), a key greenhouse gas. Wind energy is particularly effective in reducing greenhouse gases, because there are no air emissions associated with operating wind generators. The Willard has embarked on a Sustainability program entitled, "Willard InterContinental - The Next 100 Years." The holistic plan is comprised of interwoven sustainable projects designed for a luxurious urban hospitality experience in harmony with social and ecological consciousness. (1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; 202.628.9100, 800.827.1747.

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