02 October 2007

Identity Fraud

So I go in to work and I have a message from MCI needing me to call them back in order for them to process my request.

Huh? They must have the wrong number. I ignore the message.

Later I am in the office when they call back.

This is Soandso from MCI and I just need a little bit of information to process your request...

I think you must have the wrong number. I haven't put in any request...

I have an order here for bladeblah.

Not mine.

Well, someone with your name and phone number has put it in on a Bank of America credit card.

How interesting... It wasn't me.

Do you have a Bank of America card?

Let me check. Sure enough, my business credit card is a Bank of America card.

Are the last four digits NNNN?


And so I realize that I have become the latest victim of identity fraud. MCI cancels the order and suggests I get in touch with the credit card company to see if there's any other spurious charges.

I call Bank of America. Turns out whomever is charging to this account is having a grand time in Baton Rouge among other places. They suggested shutting down the card immediately. I agreed. They did. So much for having big fun on the bayou.

I can't wait to see my statement this month. The B of A clerk suggested I look it over pretty carefully to see what I want to dispute. Yuh. Stellar advice.

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