16 February 2007

Produce Item of the Week (The Express Bake PotatOH!)

In the grocery circular this week:

"Produce Item of the Week

Express Bake PotatOH! are cleaned with a double washing process, individually wrapped and are ready to be microwaved. The exclusive SavorSeal (TM) wrap keeps the potato moist and it cooks up light and fluffy each and every time, just like oven baked! Perfect for today's busy lifestyles.

Express Bake


8 Oz Pkg

2 for $1"

I thought I'd seen it all with the "invention" of frozen toast. But no. Here someone has thoughtfully washed and plastic wrapped a baked potato to save us so much time! Hurray! Now I can finally get through War and Peace with all the time I'll be saving!


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