09 February 2007

Anna Nichole Smith's Love (?) Child's Father

"I'm Sparticus!"

"No, I'm Sparticus!"

Oh, wait, this isn't a movie, it just sounds like it with all the men crawling out of the woodwork to claim they were the one to father Anna Nichole's latest child. It gets weirder and weirder. Minutes ago it was Zha Zha's husband making the latest claim. I can certainly see why they'd all claim they slept with her. And now that famously beautiful body will be cut up for autopsy to see if she killed herself or someone else did the honors. Tsk.

How many people get top headlines on the news services these days like she is, even in death?

I can't help but wonder if Anna, who certainly loved the trappings of celebrity and sensationalism, would be proud.

How could it get MORE sensational?

Maybe OJ killed her.

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