12 February 2007

B. Smith for Brunch

Sunday we met up with friends for brunch at B. Smith in Union Station. First of all, what a magnificent space! Great ambiance.

The buffet was so plentiful and tasty, we never made our way to the waffle station or omelet station. Excellent! For $30/person, there was a wonderful selection of southern and non-southern specialties. Everything from lightly fried catfish and collard greens and mac and cheese to french toast and scrambled eggs and pasta and... I could go on for a while... :) Everything was kept clean and freshly supplied, which can sometimes be an issue at buffets but not here.

Our waiter kept the included mimosas coming steadily! Very nice indeed!

It's a shame there was no one playing that pretty piano at the front of the room but at least they had jazz on the soundtrack.

All in all a most pleasant experience and a fine space to catch up with dear friends.

Hats off to B!

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