16 February 2007

Nobody's interested in seeing my treatment

I feel like an ugly starlet in Hollywood. Nobody is taking a meeting with me. I don't get it. They say "sure, sure" and then blow me off. What is it about me lately that is creating such bad karma? Sigh. This is about the third time I've tried to set up a meeting and have it fall apart before it even got off the ground. Jeez. I use deodorant. I use toothpaste. What's up with that?!

What does the Diamond Cutter say?...

"Problem: When you undertake some form of cooperative effort--project, business partnership, etc.--it doesn't seem to work out.

Solution: This is the result again of dishonesty. Be totally honest with your words and with your impressions."

Have I been dishonest? I didn't think so. Worth thinking about, I guess. Sigh. Really glad it's a 3-day weekend.

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