11 December 2006

Meet Ups--What a Great Idea!

While I was away at training, we got together in different configurations after dinner/evening class sessions to socialize and play cards. I love card games... well just about any game, really. It was such a treat to play old favorites (like Hearts) and learn some new ones (Texas Hold'em, Oh Hell, etc.) Now I'm back and feeling the card jones take hold and don't have a readily available card group. I go to the web (the font of all knowledge: right and wrong) and what do I see to my delight? www.meetup.com! This is a way for people to find like-minded enthusiasts in their community for meetings in public (read: safe) locations. How great is this?! Not just for cards either! There are wine groups and brunch groups and language groups and parenting groups and you name it, it's out there! Yowza! Ask the universe for what you want and you will find it! WHOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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