05 November 2013

"Knock, knock, knockin on heaven's door" --Bob Dylan

I am so not a fan of the "Knock! Knock!"

Not the joke because how can you not be a big fan of the Knock! Knock! joke?!  Classic comedy, that's what it is.  One of my favorites:

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow wh--

*slaps knee and wipes tear from eye*  Now THAT'S comedy!

No, I'm talking about the unfunny "Knock! Knock!"

Now that I am in a new role and have moved to a different work location for a year, I have moved from a private office to a cubicle.  One of the peculiar things I've discovered in cubicle living*, is that people come to my cube entrance and say "Knock! Knock!"  The hell?!  What is wrong with saying "Excuse me"?  Why must people say "Knock! Knock!"?

And, as long as I'm feeling peevish, let me add that "Excuse me" should not be followed by a steady stream of whatever topic the person is on about.  It should be followed by a pause to determine if, indeed, the badgeree wishes to be interrupted. On the plus side, I don't have Medical Mel next to me...

And, speaking of strange things to listen to:  Am I the only one that misses the public pay phone?  Remember when there was a Plexiglas barrier between the caller and everyone else so we didn't have to listen to things we should never be subjected to listening to??

I am old.

I am crotchety.

Hear me (and Katy Perry) roar.

* How comes there's no magazine entitled "Cubicle Living" in the vein of Martha Stewart's "Living" or all those other Living magazines ("Country Living", "Southern Living", "Coastal Living", "Whole Living", "Healthy Living","Subway Grate Living", ...)?  There could be columns about cubicle etiquette and ways to decorate your cubicle and 5 exercises you can do while in your cubicle and.... Oh yeah. Print is dead.


Mike said...

Knock knock must be a new thing to do. I lived in a cubical years ago and never remember hearing that.

the dogs' mother said...

At The Engineer's workplace it is FORBIDDEN to put up Dilbert cartoons on your 'walls' or the outside walls of your cubicle. That is why I buy him those 365 days a year tear off Dilbert calendars.

The Bug said...

Well dog's mother that's just crazy! I give my boss a new Dilbert calendar every year - we both get a kick out of it :)

You know, I don't even like to overhear conversations between people, much less one-sided conversations. I do not need all these extra people in my head!

Oh, and I am so so so very grateful that my boss & I are in a separate office with a locked door - people are disinclined to interrupt when they can't actually come into our area.

Rebecca Jo said...

I have an office & people still say "knock knock"... while they are knocking...

lacochran's evil twin said...

Mike: You worked for the telephone company, right? Did they say "Ring, ring"?

the dog's mother: Ha! You subversive.

The Bug: I have door envy.

Rebecca Jo: Bizarre.

jfgrissom said...

Somehow this post has managed to deviate from the Knock knock of the song and leans toward the knock knock of the joke... hehe

Here is a little something to lean it back toward the song (which the page url indicates this post is related to somehow...)