20 August 2013

A Quickie

Under this palapa in Punta Cana...

Me, getting up but managing to trip over the edge of the lounge chair, barely catching myself before I fall.

Him:  Honey!  Are you okay?!

Me:  Yeah.  That's me...  graceful as a gazelle.

Him:  Yeah...  an epileptic gazelle.


Sherri O said...

An epileptic gazelle is something I have never seen, but can only imagine. You sound as graceful as I am - glad I am not alone in my clumsiness. :)

Mike said...

What no video? What's that lazy guy doing? Just laying on the beach?

The Bug said...

Well now I finally know what breed of animal I am! Although actually I'm probably more of an epileptic penguin :)

David Oliver said...

Sometimes furniture can be mean. Really mean. I'm about to get rid of my coffee table because it keeps inching around on the floor and causing me to stub my toe.

Alice said...

Ha! This sounds like both a) something I would do, and b) the correction Chris would make to my comment :)

lacochran's evil twin said...

Sherri O: I'm guessing they exist, no?

Mike: I'm glad he wasn't videotaping as there were a number of ladies that chose to go topless.

The Bug: Sounds way cute.

David Oliver: They can sneak up on you.

Alice: :) We have other charms... and, at least, we can laugh at ourselves. He said it sweetly, of course.