01 May 2013

"Dress me, I'm your mannequin" --Lady Gaga

This ad popped up on the interwebs this morning with the tag line: "Make a statement.  Stuart Weiztman." 

What statement? 

"I watch too many gladiator movies"?!

I wonder how these ropey, flat heeled things look when she isn't flexing. 

And losing her blouse.

Question du jour #1:  Are boot/sandles (bandles?) sexy?

On another advertising note, have you seen the HTC Facebook phone commercial where the young woman is in the museum but her Facebook updates are superimposed on everything?  I find this really disturbing.  They seem to be saying:  Even when you are in this fascinating museum, you can be totally disconnected from the amazing things around you, including your date, and just focus on your insular little social media world!   WTF?!  Is she forced to go to the museum?  Maybe she should just stay home on her phone all day. 

Question du jour #2:  How is this selling phones?!  Somebody explain this to me, please!


HK said...

The only statement I see is those gladiator shoes don't go with her outfit at all. Maybe if she were in a Spiderwoman costume.

#2 - I had the same thought watching the commercial. It's disturbing the person's phone is taking over their brain.

the dogs' mother said...

the tan lines would be hilarious...

Mike said...

#1 Not so much.

#2 Museums need cell signal killers installed.

Titania said...

I take your gladiator bandles and raise you a WTF: http://www.nomorerack.com/daily_deals/view/326415-ny_vip_tall_3_buckle_sandal

Tania said...

1. The model is rocking the sandals just fine. I'm thinking she's the only one though. They'd come up to my crotch and probably make me look like I've had some insane surgery recently.

2. I have to go to the museum at least 8 times a year because we have a membership and it's the easiest thing to do when having an outing with my kids plus my father in law. I can appreciate the distraction. Digging fake fossils out of the sand gets old.

Thanks for popping by earlier!

Sherri O said...

I SO agree about that Facebook commercial - I thought the same thing when I saw it! If my kids did that at a museum, I'd kill 'em. :)

asplenia said...

Why does no one ever wear pants when they wear obnoxious shoes? Is it supposed to distract the eye THAT much that we forget one has no bottoms? I don't get it.

The Bug said...

Tania - no. Just no. Although I would like to see someone wearing them...

I have such fat calves (thanks Mom!) that I can't fathom those shoes. I'd need at least another 3 yards of material...

When I see commercials like that I feel like I imagine people felt when they first saw the Jetsons - isn't all that technology cool? Why can't we have some here? Because I'm cheap & afraid I'd be checking FB at the museum is why!

The Bug said...

I meant Titania - not Tania. Oops!

P said...

I don't think that's her shirt. I thinks she's had a one night stand and is wearing the bloke's shirt.

She probably kept the shoes on during sex too.

lacochran's evil twin said...

HK: "It's disturbing the person's phone is taking over their brain." I think there is more truth there than anyone might be comfortable admitting.

the dogs' mother: *snort!* LOVE it!

Mike: On #2: I think this is a suggestion that could grow into a whole movement. Cell phone free zones. Ahhh.

Titania: OMG! You win. *pushes chips across table*

Tania: 1) Ha! 2) Can't FIL take the kids and give you a break?

Sherri O: Your kids would know better.

asplenia: Sex sells. Even implied sex.

The Bug: Amen.

P: Bandles could be marketed for this purpose specifically. Maybe that IS the statement: "I like one night stands and wearing the man's shirt"?

suicide_blond said...

i never did understand that whole thing....but i did fall for the peep toe boot trend a few years ago ...and just fyi...if its cold enough for boots...you dont want your toes out.. #ugh