11 September 2007

September...a time of change/action/perspective

...the end of summer.
...the start of the school year.
...the start of the Jewish new year.
...the beginning of the new television season.
...the time to take out your transitional clothing and begin layering.
...when days get shorter.
...when nights get cooler.
...the wine gets harvested.
...the big bags of candy appear in the stores.
...the chipmunks begin to gather in earnest.
...the time for hurricanes in the Caribbean.
...the shoulder season for some resorts.

It's also...
...a good time to decide what bits of your wardrobe can be phased out and given to charity (think how happy someone will be to have that nice item that no longer fits you properly)
...a good time for a yard sale.
...a good time to have the car checked over before winter sets in.
...a good time to take stock. Are you further down your path than you were this time last year?
...a good time to invest in or divest of stock before the tax year finishes.
...a good time to make stock, from seasonal veggies, of course.
...a good time to look at the local course catalogs and see if you want to learn something new.
...a good time to reconnect with the people you care about--give 'em a call/drop 'em a line.
...a good time to focus on your blessings, of which there are many.

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