11 September 2007

Are You Talkin to ME?!?? (Responding in kind)

I am not above shrieking in the metro.

Let me explain. Hubby and I both tend to react to noise the same way: most of it is unnecessary and irritating. It isn't all that unusual for the two of us to sit in the same room in amicable silence for an hour or so. Sure, we talk gobs, but we don't HAVE to talk. You know? We can simply enjoy the silence.

So when we are trapped with unnecessarily noisy people, it gets old very quickly. The difference between hubby and I is he, being the polite fellow he is, will whisper something discretely to me about the jackass making all the noise and I'll sometimes just respond in kind to said jackass. Dangerous, I know, and I'm not suicidal--I'll size up the offender and sometimes have the sense to let it go--but sometimes one good yawp deserves another.

This is particularly a pattern with loud (sometimes drunk, sometimes not) cell phone people. And let's face it the phrase "loud cell phone people" is redundant. As they get louder, I get louder. Sometimes I even answer their questions loudly. You know, in a public service effort to let them know that EVERYbody can hear them asking about their gonorrhea test. Often, amazingly, they never even notice.

We had to run an errand at Pentagon City Mall about a month ago. If you've been, you know that the elevators are small, glassed in, and always oversubscribed. Still, for whatever reason, that day we decided to ride the elevator. Now remember it's small and it's packed. And elevator etiquette dictates that we don't make eye contact. JoeCellPhone is one of the 7 people crammed in and decides this is a good time to carry on his call at TOP VOLUME. Everyone else is silent. I started laughing. It was so absurd. We were trapped listening to his inane conversation at painfully loud pitch. I looked at JoeCellPhone and started laughing louder. I caught another person's eye and they started laughing. Before we knew it we were laughing our asses off. Big, braying donkey laughter. Again, JoeCellPhone never even realized we were laughing at him. He just continued on his merry way.

The other night we were on the metro and sitting immediately behind us were a teenage couple and the woman was on the phone. It went something like this:
Loudyoungwoman (LYW): Are you on the same train we are?
LYW: Where are you?
LYW: WE just passed Reagan Airport. Are you on the same train we are?
LYW: Oh my god. Where are you?
LYW: You're on the yellow line?
LYW: You must be on the same train we are!
LYW: Are you on the same train we are? I don't see you.
LYW: This is so freaky. John, my parents are on the same train we are.
John: Where are they?
LYW: John can't believe it either. Where are you?
LYW: They're on THIS train!
John: I don't see them.
LYW: I don't either. What car are you in? Do you see us?? What are you passing? So are WE! This is so unbelievable!
John: That's weird.
LYW: John just said "That's weird." I KNOW! I can't believe you're on the same train we are!!
MyHubby: Oh, for godssake!
Me (in a loud voice): Can you believe we're on the same train?!!
Hubby, laughing, joined in for a change: I can't believe it! Oh my god!

Happily, the metro came to a stop and LYW, cell phone still clutched to her ear, and John went off to find her parents.


Wendy said...

LOL - or as a friend of mine wrote to me today GOL (for giggle out loud). The metro is the worst. The other day, some young'uns had their phones on speaker - with music and shouting. OMG. Wish you'd been there to say something. I just sat there. Doh.

Thanks for coming by to see my blog today. I'm so glad you did - because now I found yours!

reuben said...

oh, so, so true.... i have heard everything from date details to someone's credit woes... its harder for me, because im over 50-and remember a world when people's business wasn't in the street, and when people were not clueless to what used to be called rudeness.

p.s. if you go to the wamu fm "metro connection" archives, you can locate my commentary on
public cell phone use.. if you want..

suicide_blond said...

..you cant pay for this kind of entertainment..

lacochran said...

Thanks for each of your comments. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one reacting this way.

And to hear from a radio celebrity! *blush*

Reuben, you've written/delivered a much better piece on this than I did. Definitely worth the listen. Thanks for sharing!

reuben said...

Thanks for the kind words. I wish I hadn't been "inspired" to write that cell phone piece, but, well, you know..

YoYo in DC said...

What’s even worse is the person who keeps dropping the call and calling back! After 10 minutes of screaming HELLO, HELLO! I just want to throw the person off the train.

lacochran said...

So true!