05 September 2007

And the Rocket's Red Glare, The Bombs Bursting In Air (Nuclear Warheads Over America)

Air Force official fired after 6 nukes fly over U.S.

B-52 bomber, accidentally armed with warheads, went over several states

Updated: 2 hours, 44 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - A B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear warheads and flown for more than three hours across several states last week, prompting an Air Force investigation and the firing of one commander, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.

Rep. Ike Skelton, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, called the mishandling of the weapons “deeply disturbing” and said the committee would press the military for details. Rep. Edward J. Markey, a senior member of the Homeland Security committee, said it was “absolutely inexcusable.”

Deeply disturbing?! Yeah, you could say that. I have an image of reporters pointing cameras and microphones at some Steve Urkel-like person in a military uniform and he's saying "Did I do that?!"

Who needs Al Qaeda when we have incompetence like this at home? We have met the enemy and they are us. If this isn't an argument for weapons control I don't know what is.


Judith HeartSong said...

it is a scary time we live in.

lacochran said...

So true. Thanks for your comment.