28 June 2013

"And make me burn the candle right down" -- The Rolling Stones

I saw a great show this week.  If you were in the DC area on Monday, I don't have to tell you about the big concert in town.

And, yeah, I'm all about satisfaction and gettin' me some but I didn't spend the evening looking at this:

 or this:


I spent the evening looking at an entirely different geezer:

We saw Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers who have teamed with Edie Brickell.  Extraordinarily impressive musicians and vocalists (the Rangers) and Steve even threw in a joke here and there.  But, even though we traded the debauchery of rock and roll for the low-key dignity of bluegrass, I still felt the need to write:

7 Reasons You Know You Are Getting Too Old For Concerts

1.  The lawn looks less 'cool, party space' and more 'uncomfortable, mosquito chow'.

2.  A Morning Star veggie burger in a cardboard container costing $10 doesn't raise an eyebrow.  (It came with a pile of greasy potato chips! Score!!!!)

3.  You're THRILLED to take a shuttle from mass transit because it means you don't have to deal with the parking.  THRILLED!!!

4.  You actually spend some time reading the brochure they handed you on entry.

5.  As the night goes on, instead of thinking "This is AWESOME!" you think "I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to make that meeting."

6.  You go to concerts where the most suspicious smell is that of the unwashed folks seated near you.

7.  At the concerts you go to, you don't have to yell "Down in front!" because no one bothers to stand up.

Question du jour:  What are you getting too old for? Or desperately clinging to as if you are not?


The Bug said...

Wow this really reminds me of our trip to the Reds game last week! I was wishing for some kind of mass transit, and we did leave before the game was over (in the 11th inning) because I had to get up to go to work the next day. Ha! On the other hand I told Mike that next time we can't eat - that was just too crazy expensive. And he said why bother going then?

I think I would have liked that concert. I had read about the collaboration a few weeks ago & thought it sounded interesting.

David Oliver said...

What I've come to realize is if I haven't gotten satisfaction yet, I'm never going to get it at my age. I suspect the Stones won't either. I have always been satisfied with Steve Martin. Good to hear he's still in that business - of satisfying people.

The thing I find myself clinging on to is the band of my blue jeans. Only if I've forgotten my suspenders and I'm somewhere it would be unfortunate for them to fall down around my ankles.

Serena McClain said...

I identified with this way more than I am comfortable admitting. :-)

lacochran's evil twin said...

The Bug: Food is so much a part of the experience, isn't it. Strange. And, yeah, if you get the chance, go!

David Oliver: Cling on. On behalf of humanity, we thank you.

Serena McClain: :) I'm glad it's not just me.