24 April 2013

"It's so funny how we don't talk anymore..." --Cliff Richard

 In the news...

"RI tops the list for most stressed state in the nation

Posted: Apr 24, 2013 2:52 PM EDT Updated: Apr 24, 2013 2:52 PM EDT
Rhode Islanders experience the least enjoyment in the country and the state ranks number 2 when it comes to the most stressed states.
According to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday RI is the second most stressed state in the country..."

That news is bound to help the Rhode Islanders feel better, right?

At a more local level in the area of 'Stress inducing or stress relieving? You decide.', I've decided to pursue insanity.  As in:

Yeah, I ordered the Insanity workout off Amazon (half price! yay!!) and am in the third day.  The bad news is that after three days I haven't gotten totally shredded. ;)  The good news is I'm not dead yet.  Bonus:  Shaun T is much more encouraging than Jillian or Tony H.

Question du jour 1:  Have you missed me as much as I've missed you?  (By the way, I LOVE how you're looking these days!!!  Fabulous!  No, I mean it!  You haven't aged a bit!) 

Question du jour 2:  Do news services do more harm than good?

Question du jour 3:  Any other Insaniacs out there?*

* When I was in undergrad I saw a guy walking around with a pin that said "I'm a Manilow maniac!"  Speaking of "about to get your ass kicked..." **

** I kid, Barry.  I kid.  


Mike said...

What have you been doing, hibernating? It is spring isn't it? Time to come out.

Missouri is 13th on the stress list. Just another red state problem. But I choose not to participate in the stress.

The Bug said...

Huh - Ohio is #8. I guess it's hard to not feel stressed when you're unemployed... (glad I have a job!)

I HAVE missed you! I hope you're back for good now :)

And I am not insane. At all. And I have the flabby arms to prove it!

P said...

I see the Insanity infomercial all the time and am always wanting to try it - problem is I think I might end up going through the floorboards into the flat below, so it's probably a no-go, haha.

I did however try a CrossFit class for the first time on Tuesday.... and I'm still in agony now three days later.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

1. Yep. Same back at ya.
2. Probably. Or waste more time than whatever the opposite of waste time is.
3. Nope. But I did start using RunKeeper on my iPhone to keep track of my walking & kayaking and that's helping me exercise. Earlier this month, I was trying to impress a woman with it.

I said, "See? I've been averaging walking 12 miles a week since the beginning of the year."

She said, "Well, good weather is around the corner. I'm sure you'll do better."

Sean said...

Welcome back! Yes, you've definitely been missed. To answer #3, I'm not an insaniac, but I like Animaniacs!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Mike: I ask myself the same question. People look at me funny when I ask myself stuff.

The Bug: Thanks! I am hoping I can deflabificate mine.

P: There is a crazy amount of plyo so, yeah, your neighbors would hate you.

AbbotOfUnreason: 1. Yep., 2. You can lose time but you can never gain time. Unless your in a sci fi show. 3.*snort!*

Sean: Thanks! Animaniacs is probably a healthier option.