10 January 2011

"Head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes)" --Learning Station

It being January and all, and in my continuing quest to be the best darn lemming I can be, I have invested in new exercise DVDs and equipment.* This time I have jumped on the kettlebell craze. I am already reaping the benefits. The main benefit being that I can now say the word "kettlebell" indiscriminately and with vigor. And I do!


See? I guess I could have all along, but now--now--it feels like I have purpose!

I say it a good 20-30 times a day. Kettlebell. It's fun! Try it! Kettlebell. I've even taken to calling the husband "Kettlebell", which he seems to think is a nice change up from what I was calling him since our last flight, two weeks ago: "Hammacher Schlemmer...with extra schlemmer."**

Questions du jour: Do you exercise more in January? Would you consider "Kettlebell" a term of endearment?

* *Casually sidles left, blocking view of older, dust-topped equipment*

** Who buys from Sky Mall? Who? Who says, "Yes! On the ground I was bogged down with silly concerns but now that I'm 30,000 feet up, it makes perfect sense to order the voice activated R2D2 for a mere $199.95!"***

***Available from Hammacher Schlemmer. ****

**** Extra schlemmer not included. *****

***** Kettlebell.


HKW said...

No, sadly I don't exercise more in January or think Kettlebell as a term of endarment. It's not you, it's me.

I think the R2D2 is cute but otherwise agree on Sky Mall. I feel the same way about the food in the cafeteria at the office - it's a trap, not a good idea and expensive yet low-quality.

The Bug said...

Kettlebell has too many syllables for me. We used Sweetiemabob for a while but that was too much too - so now it's just bob. Heh.

I'm afraid if I were angry I'd totally be unable to say Hammacher Schlemmer at all!

And, no, at least not so far - the only exercise I've gotten is shoveling snow for about 10 minutes & having to park at the end of the parking lot at work yesterday.

Narm said...

I liked you more when you said Turkeyburger.

Reya Mellicker said...

Kettlebell kettlebell kettlebell.

It is fun to say, even to type.

I put off serious walking/bike riding for spring. It's too cold!

Happy new year btw. Shall we get together in 2011? Please?

Love to Kettlebell (talkin' 'bout your hubby), and to you, too.

Cyndy said...

I just read Hammacher Schlemmer as if for the first time. In my mind at least, it has always been Hammer Schlemacher. For like twenty years. I'm glad I have it straight now.

I like how Kettlebell sounds. It roll rather crisply over the tongue.

Cyndy said...


suicide_blond said...

i hate exercise ,..i use all of the resolutioners as an excuse NOT to go to the gym in Jan so i actually exercise LESS... i do however LOVE the WORD kettleball... sadly dont think id enjoy the WORKOUT that is kettleball... let us know how it goes...

Vittoria said...


AbbotOfUnreason said...

I hate to admit that I had no idea what a Kettlebell was until you made me Google it. I was in a bar in Baltimore the other day and I saw this ad on the far TV. No sound or anything. I had real trouble paying attention to my hamburger while this was on. I was snickering like a sixth grader.


Vivian said...

Skymall both scares and excites me at the same time.

Brutalism said...

Kettlebells have always intimidated me. They seem to be a type of exercise equipment that would exhaust me and make me feel inadequate.

Just like my ex-boyfriend.

Pauline said...

I will definitely start exercising more this month. Or next month..yeah maybe next month!;)

Barbara said...

I confess to having to Google Kettlebell to figure out what I was missing in the fitness world. I have a lot of exercise equipment but alas, no Kettlebells. Daily exercise has become a religion for me. I can only take it with equal portions of Glee!

Mac and Cheese said...

I have worked out once this January, so YES, I do work out more in January.

lacochran's evil twin said...

HKW: Kettlebell.

The Bug: Kettlebell.

Narm: Turkeyburger.

Reya Mellicker: Kettlebell. (Sure! Let's!)

Cyndy: Kettlebell.

suicide_blond: KettleBELL, honey. Kettlebell.

Vittoria: KETTLEBELL!!

AbbotofUnreason: Kettlebell. That's disgusting!

Vivian: Kettlebell.

Brutalism: Kettlebell.

Pauline: Kettlebell.

Barbara: Kettlebell.

Mac and Cheese: :) Kettlebell.