31 August 2010

"These are the good old days" --Carly Simon

[There was nothing in the dress code about ruffles.]

Went bowling last night with a bunch of bloggers, former bloggers, and blogger wannabes* at the hipster hangout, Lucky Strike. It was a lot of fun. I gave myself the designation of "team anchor" as my score was way lower than anybody else'. I bowl like Roseanne Barr sings.. or like Paris Hilton... what does Paris Hilton do? Anyway, still, gobs of fun. This was a group that wasn't consumed with performance anxiety and I like that.

Next to us was a woman who was bowling alone, in a long, clingy dress. Did I mention Lucky Strike has a dress code? Yes, a bowling alley with a dress code ...and a proper bar ... and real food choices... but I digress. The woman was friendly and a good bowler and even offered me some advice, which took me from a Captain Hook-level-scary-assed hook into the gutter to a much less cantankerous hook ...into the gutter. Not her fault. What she said made sense.

Anyway, it got me thinking... I don't think I'd go bowling on my own. She had no trouble with it and was garnering some attention from a number of gentlemen but it didn't slow her down one bit. She was there to bowl. Maybe she was practicing for a league she was in. Maybe she'd heard there'd be bloggers around and wanted to be near us.***

I'll eat a meal on my own, though pretty much only at a few casual places. But I don't think I'd go to a movie alone or bowl alone. I'd feel like people were staring at me. But, then, maybe they're staring because they sense I'm a blogger.****

So, thanks to all the wonderful peeps who made last night so fun! I am practicing my "knock those wobbly pins over" lane dance as we speak, because my dancing? Not quite up to par with my bowling.

And now for the questions du jour: Would you bowl alone? Eat at a fancy restaurant alone? Go to a movie alone? What public activities would you be willing to do alone?

And also? It's been around awhile but I still love it:

* In my mind, everyone secretly wants to be a blogger.**

** Of course, in my mind, there's dancing purple hippos. Pretty!

*** Careful... You don't really want to be known as an illusion shatterer, do you?

**** Say 'when.'


The Bug said...

Yes, I would do all those things. In fact I think I might go to a movie by myself this month - the hubs has an all day field trip on the 25th. He doesn't like going to movies because they mess with his vertigo.

At this point in my life I don't mind being stared at - although I do have to question why a person would stare at ME - don't they have a life? Heh.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Here is the book for you: Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community

There are some things that I have a hard time getting up the gumption to do alone, but I'm able to go to a movie by myself now. It was harder when I was single.

HKW said...

I would not bowl alone, for fear my terrible skills and score would cause others to pity me (the same reason I don't go to the gym, now that I think about it). Dining and going to the movies alone is fun.

Kate said...

You got to meet my beloved Canary! I'm so jealous!

In other news, if I didn't do things alone, I'd never leave the house. So yes to pretty much everything.

GreenCanary said...

*doing a Brady Bunch-style look-up-and-smile at my adorable Katey-bug*

I will not say that I or bowl alone, or eat alone or go to the movies alone, etc., but I will admit that I don't do those things now. Heck, I can't walk down the sidewalk without thinking that people are staring at me. To do the "knock those wobbly pins over" dance without the love and support of fellow bloggers (or fellow humans) might send me over the edge.

But don't use me as any sort of litmus test. I'm absolutely nuts. Totally bonkers.

Cyndy said...

I'm perfectly happy to do all kinds of things alone because you can do stuff on the spur of the moment and you don't have to alter your plans to accomodate other people (or not go). I think it started when I was still in my teens with the beach and movies because my work schedule often made it impossible to plan things with friends that I really wanted to do.

Other things I do alone pretty often, or have in the past, include going to restaurants, jazz clubs in NYC, classical concerts, short skiing trips in Utah and Vermont and day trips around here, motorscootering in Greece and Turkey, riding the occasional rollercoaster, etc. Maybe I should try bowling too!

My husband has recently discovered that he actually likes movies and the beach so my solitary experiences have dwindled a bit.

Mike said...

Bowl - been there done that - practice

Fancy - No, not even with people.

Movie - Done it.

Things I like - Done it.

Things I don't like - Kicking and screaming with people.

Never seen the video. Was that Gilahi that started it?

Gilahi said...

@Mike - No.

Pauline said...

"Would you bowl alone? Eat at a fancy restaurant alone? Go to a movie alone? What public activities would you be willing to do alone?"

Bowling seems more like a group activity so no I wouldn't bowl alone. (I'm not big on it anyways) I've gone to movies, restaurants and shopped alone. Being alone has its perks-You can do what you want when you want! :)

Jason W said...

That is an awesome photo.

I've done most of those events alone before, but I dislike going to events by myself. It makes me feel lonely and triggers these depressing thoughts like "I don't have enough friends" and "I'm a loser."

I admire people who are comfortable going to events by themselves, but I've tried it enough to know that it's not for me.

I found that people who like going to events alone tend to be people who has lots of time obligations to others, like stay-at-home moms, and siting in a movie theater by themselves is like a mini-vacation.

Barbara said...

I'm not afraid of being alone, only of being conspicuously bad while alone. So I would take on any activity where I would not stand the chance of looking like a fool. Bowling would not be a good choice for me...

Liebchen said...

I probably wouldn't bowl alone, just because I think it's more fun with people. But I'll eat alone, on occasion, and definitely will go to the movies on my own. I actually really enjoy that.

Brutalism said...

I prefer shopping and movies all alone. No distractions.

I would rather do anything else than go to a restaurant alone. I used to travel for work all the time and dreaded that part of it. Never got comfortable with it.

Bowling alone? No way.

lbluca77 said...

I suck at bowling so I have no desire to do it alone or in a group. Going to the movies is not that bad. I've done it but only on a weekday and during the day. Eating alone I've never done. I would rather pick up the food and eat it alone at home.

Felisa said...

There are few things I wouldn't do alone... but I don't love bowling enough to go unless I'm going with other people. I wouldn't mind going to the movies or out to dinner by myself. I also prefer shopping alone.

And oh Sasquatch... it's like Washington state's hipster event of the year.

Ibid said...

I've gotten so used to dinner and movies and hanging out at the park by myself that I forget to ask friends. It's my default mode.

suicide_blond said...

i loove being alone... i travel a lot..so its prob good that i like my own compnay..soo yep..id TOTALLLY bowl alone... not to mention its prob the only way id ever win

lacochran's evil twin said...

Thanks to all for weighing in. Looks like another blogger bowling evening is in the making. Any locals interested in joining the hi-jinx should get in touch (lacochran812@gmail.com).

Lemon Gloria said...

I dislike eating alone in public, although probably less now than I used to. Bowling? No, probably not. Movies, sure. I've traveled alone a bunch, though, and done plenty alone - I just don't prefer to.

Nicole said...

That dancing video makes me happy every time I see it.

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