14 February 2008

A True Sign of a Good Day

I went to a meeting today and there, on the table, for the taking, were cupcakes! One of the folks at the meeting had baked and brought them. Just for the joy of it.

I gotta tell you, I've never had a bad day that involved a cupcake. Think about it... have you?

It's all positive associations...

Cupcakes are delicious.

There's the cake. Usually a simple vanilla but not always.

There's the frosting. And with cupcakes, unlike whole sheet cakes, you don't get stuck with too much frosting in the form of a "rose" that you have to scrape off.

There's the decoration. Sometimes simply the attractive application of the frosting. Sometimes you get jimmies ('sprinkles', for you out of towners) and such.

There's the cupcake peel-away paper to keep it from getting cooties.

They're almost always associated with a celebration of some kind and even when there's cupcakes without a celebration, nobody provides them for something bad. You never see a cupcake at a shiva house. It's never, "Sorry you lost your job--I baked you this cupcake." No! It's always, "Where's the birthday boy? Get him out here! We've got cupcakes!"

And they're individual. Everybody get's there own. So, there's none of that nasty "hey, did she get a bigger slice than me?"

How great is that?!

Wishing you all a day with a cupcake in your very near future!

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