28 February 2008

It's All A Blur to Me Now

Sharper Image filed Chapter 11 about a week ago.

(So how sharp are they?)

This is a little surprising but not hugely surprising.

It's a little surprising in that there are always lots of people in the Sharper Image stores. It's not hugely surprising in that the economy is in the tank and what goes first when people tighten their financial belts? The unnecessary purchases.

Sharper Image was all about unnecessary purchases. It's implied in the name. Wouldn't this improve your image?! You don't need it but boy you'd be cool if you had it.

Seems like the heyday of Sharper Image was the 80s. The ME decade.

So, if they're doing so poorly now, why do I always see people in the stores? Maybe they aren't there to buy. Maybe they're just killing time playing with the high-end toys while waiting for their spouses.

If Sharper Image is no more, does the public become duller? Do we walk around wishing we could hone our fuzzy self-images? Me thinks not.

What does this say for other companies in the business of selling image? This does not bode well for Tiffany's, Hummer, or Cigar Aficionado.

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