06 September 2011

"Girl, if you can do better than me, go" --Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

We went here:

for two weeks.

Okay, now that you hate me*, we can get on with today's post.

I am not the most open-minded person. I could give you some nonsense about how I'm working on it and we're all in development and awareness is the first step. Sure. Or, I can embrace my inner-snark because, truthfully, often I have uncharitable thoughts. They come, unbidden and unwelcome, much like The Examiner.

While we were at this place (Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia), we saw every manner of couple. And it was shocking. And disturbing. I almost had to put down my fancy rum drinks.**

I'm not talking about the mixed race couples. (yawn) Nor the homosexual couples. (also yawn) I'm talking about the shocking number of pretty/ugly pairings we saw.

It wasn't just a game of "look who married up". We'd see the most astounding mixes of buff-gorgeous-model with flabby-ugly-gargoyle. To the point of thinking, How? How do these people get together? HOW??

Is the icky one rich? Are they extraordinarily good in bed? Are they powerful? Are they someone famous I just don't recognize? Did they hire this exquisite escort to hang all over their hideous body for two weeks? HOW??!? Why is this 10 here with this 2? WHY?!!!

(Picture this times a million.)

I don't mind seeing unattractive people. Or attractive people.

And we saw plenty of both types. But when they're mixed together it just seems... against nature.

Question du jour: Does the mixing of leagues bother you?

* No worries. I even hate myself at this point.

** Almost.


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Surely it can't be about being good in bed, 'cause they'd have to get there to prove it.

Mike said...

'Okay, now that you hate me'

I don't hate you. I .... indifferent you. I hate traveling. But if you like it, more power to you. Me, when I'm traveling, I'm always counting the hours until I get back home.

Elizabeth said...

It doesn't bother me, but I do find it fascinating.

I also like to note which person "traded up." For instance, I see a cute girl with a not-so-cute guy way more often than the other way around.

The Bug said...

I like the mystery of it all, and the fantastical stories I can make up about how it happened. Maybe he was a shoulder to cry on & then she saw past his rough exterior & then... Yes, I do read a lot of romance novels. So?

HK said...

Um, I hate you but got over it by the time I finished reading. Hope your vacation was wonderful, welcome back.

No, mixing of leagues doesn't bother me. I'd rather be with someone not cute than not smart.

But really, hot, good in bed and smart is ideal.

Alice said...

i read a study one time (of dubious origin, no doubt) that claimed that people need to be within 2 "points" of each other to stay happy. like, a 7 can be with a 9... but a 4 can't be with an 8. at least not for long. the reasoning was that the LOWER level person actually ruined it - eventually got insecure about why the higher level person was with them, and making up ulterior motives / getting jealous when their higher mate hung out with other attractive people even if nothing was going on, etc. so now that's all i can think about whenever i see a couple so vastly mismatched..

Narm said...

"Dating Up" is fun - but you have to have the add on game "Hung or Rich" for whenever the guy is dating up.

There is always a reason.

Bilbo said...

I'm not complaining. My wife actually married me, of all people.

Barbara said...

Poor Lyle! He probably still has fond memories of his brief marriage with JR. Fortunately he sings and performs so well that you forget what an odd face he has. We recently heard him from the lawn at Wolftrap and had a delightful evening.

I'm currently creating an image of me and spouse in my head and hoping we are equally old and unattractive...

Vivian said...

They totally hire the women. When I was in Bali, same thing. Ugly, old dude and young, (non-english speaking)attractive woman/girl.

Ah, life.

Tania said...

I just refer to the good looking member of the pair as an 'underachiever.

ellen said...

Mixed League couples don't exactly bother me, but I 'll admit to curiosity. Finances? Fetishes? A shared experience so important that it trumps differences in appearance? Who knows? I'm more surprised when the couple is young, because we all know how the age stick hits some people harder and earlier than others.