28 March 2011

Assorted Flotsam

  • I don't see myself ziplining. I'm not afraid of heights or even hurtling along a narrow wire. But I am afraid of looking bunchy. Okay, make that even more bunchy than usual. Have you seen pictures of people in those zipline harnesses? Definitely NOT a fashion statement. If you've always wondered how you'd look in Depends, have at it.
  • Over the last coupla weeks, I've been hearing about the horror playing out in Japan and, of late, the comment that the US will stop importing fruits, vegetables and milk from Japan. Um, were we really getting a lot of our fruits and vegetables all the way from Japan, anyway? Really? And MILK? From Japan?! Color me skeptical. Now, if you want to cut off the Kobe beef, that I can swallow. Wait...
  • I have a confession. I don't like Bill Maher. I think I should like Bill Maher since I think he's brilliant and I agree with 99% of his positions. But I don't like him. He's mean. Not just snarky, but mean. He delights in trampling on people's dearly held beliefs and that bothers me. I know a key part of his shtick is to be controversial but he seems angry and nasty and condescending. And, let's face it, that's what blogging's for.
  • We saw District 9 a few nights ago and it's really stayed with me. It goes way beyond sci-fi. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it as a very impressive technical achievement but also from a "get you thinking about the way we treat each other" viewpoint.
  • ObligatoryCharlieSheenReference: Charlie Sheen.
Question du jour: Is there a famous person you think you should like and don't?


The Bug said...

Well, I have one I used to sort of like & now don't - Kathy Griffin. I'm a fairly open minded person & she manages to offend me with about every other gag. I'm afraid that this puts me into fuddy duddyhood, but so be it.

froggy said...

hmmmm - Used to enjoy Keith Olbermann and he got meaner and meaner and meaner.

Mike said...

For some reason I just don't think Adam Sandler is funny. All my kids like him but I just go meh. I think he trys to hard.

Mac and Cheese said...

I can't think of any right now, but I do like Bill Maher, and I'm pretty sure that as a 'mommy blogger', I'm not supposed to. That whole controversy about his comments about breast feeding n' such.

Toe said...

Ziplining looks fun but then I always wonder how they stop at the end. You know there's usually not cushions out in the woods to stop you on the other end. Then we saw one of those shows about living in tree houses and ziplining and one of the zipliners almost put their hand up on the line to slow down or hang on and Hubs was all, that's how you lose a hand and I was like omg I didn't even THINK about THAT! So no ziplining for me.

Also, Tom Cruise, loved him early Tom Cruise until he turned crazy Tom Cruise. But clearly you see I'm mostly stuck on the ziplining thing.

Felisa said...

I am SO with you on Bill Maher. For the most part, I agree with him but he is nasty and the equivalent (but polar opposite) of conservative bigots.

I also have never found Will Ferrell to be funny. I feel like I should find the guy funny but I just don't....

Gilahi said...

The Pillsbury Dough Boy and Snuggles, the fabric softener bear. I KNOW you're supposed to like them. They're both just so cute. But I'd decapitate both of them given the chance.

Vivian said...

Katie Couric bugs me and I agree with Bill Maher, mean.

Brutalism said...

Agreed on Bill Maher and I like his viewpoints and agree with him a lot, but he is just such an ass.

Also agree on the ziplining thing - I did a high ropes course with the Dilettantes a while back and we noticed a lot of bunching (mainly with the guys in our group). Def. not a good look.

Alice said...

haha, ziplining is such FUN though! (and they totally give you ways to stop, honest) i recommend some already-tightish pants, like jeans. that helps decrease the, um, bunchage :)

Pauline said...

There are too many bullying and obnoxious talking heads on TV nowadays. People need to learn how to respectfully disagree.

I liked District 9 alot! It was a good movie!

Lemon Gloria said...

You have to love a post that starts with, "I don't see myself ziplining..."

It definitely made me feel less random.

Stephen Colbert. I don't dislike him, but he just doesn't do it for me. The rest of (liberal) humanity loves him - why don't I?

lacochran's evil twin said...

The Bug: I think Kathy has lost her funny. (How's that for living in glass houses?)

froggy: He is the king of indignation, isn't he.

Mike: Oh, definitely. But the Chanukah Song will always be the shining exception to me.

Mac and Cheese: You rebel, you.

Toe: The stopping is a key concern in a lot of activities. And Tom? Definitely lost his charm.

Felisa: A lot of Will Ferrell's "comedy" seems to be his taking off his pants. Go figure.

Gilahi: Both gag-worthy for sure.

Vivian: Perky overload, right?

Brutalism: "Bunching" is not a term you want associated with your outfit.

Alice: Ooo, "bunchage" is an even better term!

Pauline: I hope they make a sequel (3 years later.)

Lemon Gloria: I prefer Stewart to Colbert, who plays the other end of the political spectrum just a little too well. I do think "The Word" is often his best bit but I don't actually watch him unless there's truly nothing else to watch. (Ooo, Golden Girls rerun!)

Kate said...

I find I like reading quotes of Bill Maher far more than I like listening to him talk or seeing him on TV.

I don't remember feeling especially bunchy while ziplining. If you can get over the bunchy feeling, I'd highly recommend it (the ziplining, that is) -- I had so much fun when we went.