27 December 2010

"Who's with me?" --Bluto, Animal House

So many bloggers take this time of year to sum up; to review. This year is no exception. I've seen a number of bloggers wax on about the year they've had--the ups, the downs, and what's made the most impact on them in 2010. I keep replaying the year and one word comes back to me, over and over again. One word haunts me like a Justin Bieber melody. One word, People:


How is it that this SyFy channel original didn't make any of the top 10 movie lists for the year? It's a shammockery! We must get that do-nothing congress and that fetching but lackadaisical supreme court to take action on this promptly. This will not stand!

Who's with me? Loud and proud now:

(to the tune of "At-ti-ca! At-ti-ca!...")

Sharktopus! Sharktopus!...


suicide_blond said...


Cyndy said...

A sharktopus is even better than a liger!

Brutalism said...

I became aware of Sharktopus through the genius that is Joel McHale at The Soup and I have to say that I absolutely agree with you.

Liebchen said...

Well, the name intrigued me so I clicked on the trailer.

And the trailer has just ensured that I will be avoiding the ocean for the foreseeable future - even if this thing doesn't actually exist.

Alice said...

HAHAHA WHAT THE HELL SYFY? (also still not over their name change. SyFy? really?)

The Bug said...

LOLOL - I can't BELIEVE we missed this movie! I'll have to see when it will be on again :)

lacochran's evil twin said...

suicide_blond: Sing it, Sister!

Cyndy: Absolutely!

Brutalism: It's obviously quality film-making.

Liebchen: But think--you can face your fears all at once and be done with them!

Alice: I know. SyFy. Feh!

The Bug: I expect they'll play it annually at Christmas, right after It's a Wonderful Life.

Vivian said...

Sounds like the most wonderful/horrible "real" shark movies out there! To put it simply, it sounds awesome/so bad I can't watch. Just like every other sci fi show. Oh, I'm sorry, "Sy Fy", because it sounds like it doesn't wear glasses & a retainer!