02 November 2010

"Can't you feel the sunshine telling you to hold tight, things will be all right" --Rob Thomas

[A few of the thousands of signs, and me, with mine.]

Seven Things I learned at the Rally to Restore Sanity:

1. Cell phones only work when 200,000 people aren't trying to use them simultaneously in the same location. Note to self: Learn smoke signals for the apocalypse.

Although, we had made arrangements to meet friends at the rally via cell phone, our phones were not working at the rally. Maybe because everyone at the rally was trying to text/call/update their Facebook status simultaneously. My lovely droid was useless except as a camera/watch. We had to get about five blocks from the rally before we could start to use our phones and, then, it was still very spotty. So, I didn't get to see some friends I'd planned to see but I did run into another friend who I didn't even know was planning to go. So, yay, for that!

2. A rally crowd will sloooowly let you out but they will not let you back in.

At some point you have to go to the bathroom. Even if it's to a port-o-john. You will find the sea of humanity that just a few moments ago held a very small spot in reserve for you, is on that spot quicker than Charlie Sheen is on a hooker.

3. Using a port-o-john? Icky. Using a port-o-john when someone decides to climb on top of it? Scary.

Oh, yes, people! These port-o-johns, with their fancy extra doodads like toilet paper (huzzah!) and hand sanitizer, had white plastic tops that let some level of light in. They looked pretty flimsy to me and felt even flimsier as someone climbed up there. I reeeeeaally didn't want someone cannonballing into my lap.

4. Sometimes leaving a rally is more crowded than being at the rally.

As crowded as the rally was, it wasn't until we were trying to leave that we understood just how crowded it could get. It is a very strange feeling to see no space anywhere--just people in all directions, as far as the eye can see. Like being in a packed elevator but inching forward... for miles.

5. Standing in one spot for hours is much harder on the feet than moving for the same number of hours.

And it doesn't get any easier when the 9 inches of precious space you have in front of you is periodically invaded by the chick in front of you who insists on doing a reverse head butt every time she laughs.

Having a sign at a rally is great--for the first 30 minutes.

After that, it's just dead weight with dangerous points.

7. It was still totally worth it.

Stewart, Colbert, Mavis Staples, Yusaf Islam, Ozzie, The Roots, Father Guido Sarducci, John Legend, Cheryl Crow, and on and on. It was a great party!

Plus, one of my favorite moments of the day came before the rally, riding on the Metro. We got on at one end of a Metro line so the four of us had seats. By the third stop, the train was FULL but we kept going and we kept stopping at each station and people kept trying to get on. The Metro announcer was getting more and more agitated with each stop... "Do NOT overcrowd the train! DO NOT overcrowd the train! If you lean against the doors, the doors will malfunction! If you try to force the doors they will MALFUNCTION! Do NOT overcrowd the train!" and so on. After the fifth tirade like this, someone in our car pretended to be the announcer, in full parent mode, "I will TURN THIS TRAIN AROUND!"


froggy said...

lol - train story. Did you laugh like a Mad Scientist?

Mac and Cheese said...

Excellent photo collection.

FoggyDew said...

Hmmm, sounds a lot like my Saturday. Except I didn't actually see anything except the sea of humanity. Still, glad I was there. I like the "What do we want?" sign.

The Bug said...

I'm getting claustrophic just reading about it (taking deep breaths). I love the concept of the rally & wanted to be there - but I'm not sure I could have dealt with the reality.

P.S. I always think of you in California because when I first started reading you blog I thought you were one of the L.A. Cochrans. Heh.

Drama Queen said...

I SOOOOO wanted to go to this - how wonderful for you! I love the pics of the signs...and thanks for the lessons learned - they are all valuable lessons, for sure!

Kate said...

Scrabble Later? Hahahahaha! I love that one.

Mike said...

Great collection of signs. Portapotty? I can't get home fast enough to disinfect myself.

Alice said...

while the crowds were super overwhelming, i had such a great time there. the signs alone made the metro ride worth it :)

Gilahi said...

More signs:

"I came, I saw, I concurred"

"God hates Snuggies"

"Palestinians for Palin"

"Fox is my comedy channel, Comedy Central is my news channel"

spleeness said...

"Note to self: Learn smoke signals for the apocalypse." <-- haha! I had this exact same thought myself on Saturday.

Liebchen said...

The signs were really the best part of the rally. But that could also be because I couldn't really hear what else was going on.

Also - I saw your sign! Or its twin. Either way.

lacochran's evil twin said...

froggy: I did. For a while. That bit went on WAYYYYY to long. I loved when, for the third time, they flashed up SILENCE and someone took that opportunity to scream out "YOU SUCK!"

Mac and Cheese: There were so many more that were truly excellent. Huffington has quite a collection, I believe.

FoggyDew: You were there? And you didn't say hello to me?! Hmph. (J/k)

The Bug: I've only visited California. I'm an East Coaster, through and through.

Drama Queen: Glad you liked it.

Kate: Brilliant, for sure.

Mike: Yeah, they make me twitchy, too.

Alice: Agreed!

Gilahi: Great adds!

spleeness: You were there? And you didn't say hello? (J/k)

Liebchen: There were people with the slogan but I created that sign so you saw me!!! (Or at least the top of my head. :))

Vivian said...

Those signs make sense! I'd TOTALLY be up for scrabble later and had high hopes for Bieber. Not gonna lie, thought there'd be Bieber.

Vivian said...

I'm actually still waiting for Bieber...