18 October 2010

"These are things that I don't understand" --Coldplay

[Men at work.]

Today, I was walking to my car in a parking lot. This is where, if this were a TV after-school special (do they still have those?) or a Lifetime movie (can I tell you how much I hate Lifetime movies? They should call Lifetime the Victim channel), the menacing music would kick in. But, no, it was a bright, sunny day. No ominous soundtrack.

As I walked, I noticed that there were a couple clusters of men on break from a construction project. They were sitting in two clumps, on the grass, in the shade, chatting. (Question du jour #1: Do men chat? Or is that strictly a female word? Like "gossip", "bitch", "fallopian"...*rolls eyes*)

All but two guys, that is. Two guys, that matched the group in work outfit and general demeanor, were sort of meandering through the parking lot, a few cars away from each other. They were checking doors and trunks on various cars, and finding them locked. I paused and watched them for a moment. They didn't seem to notice/care that I was watching.

Questions du jour #2 & 3: What would you assume these guys were doing? What would you do if you saw this behavior?


The Bug said...

I would assume they're up to no good. Then I would get in my car, drive away & call the police. Maybe. I'm kind of a coward.

froggy said...

I would get in my car, lock the doors and leave the area. Then call the police business line which I have in my phone for when I worked with three mad bombers off campus. I have a fear of misusing 911.

Titania said...

Hmmmm... I am with Bug and Froggy, they were up to no good. I would probably get on my car, drive away, but not too far, so as they hopefully think I am gone but I can still look at them and then call police.

What did you end up doing?

spleeness said...

I concur: I'd call the cops too. I'd hope that they could get there early enough to catch them in the act.

Ibid said...

Sounds like Car Alarm Roulette. You and a friend annoy cars. First one to get an alarm loses.

Alice said...

car alarm roulette?? this is A Thing?? i feel old & cranky.

Mike said...

1. Chat about what?
2. Looking for stuff in cars.
3. Call the police.

Gilahi said...

Oh yeah, we chat. Bilbo and I have chatted a few times now. Blogger parties always include chatting. Sometimes we fallopian, too.

mylittlebecky said...

i'm thinking it's a duck. and i would call the police because i'm nosey like that.

Toe said...

As a good citizen I'd probably call the police to report it but knowing how lazy I am I'd forget after driving away. I'm really not a good citizen at all.

Barbara said...

If this were happening in the parking lot of my former work place, I would say they were definitely up to no good and by the end of the day anything of value in those unlocked cars would end up in the pawn shop across the street. Before the fence topped with barbed wire went up, cars disappeared altogether off the parking lot most every day. It is an urban ghetto.

lacochran's evil twin said...

The Bug: Because you'd drive away? I don't think that's cowardice.

froggy: "Three mad bombers"? Ours or theirs?

Titania: I left. Touching cars is suspicious but, in and of itself, isn't illegal.

spleeness: You seem to be in the majority.

Ibid: Love it!

Alice: Do you shout "You, kids, get off my lawn!"?

Mike: 1., 2., 3. Noted.

Gilahi: I try to leave once the fallopian starts. I'm prudish.

mylittlebecky: I like ducks.

Toe: Let's say you have a "live and let live" attitude. Sounds better, doesn't it?

Barbara: 'Ghetto'?